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First Aid Trained, Fully Insured, Highly Trained, Professional Dog Walkers
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The PATHFINDER story so far

Image by Jamie Street

Pathfinder Dog Adventures is owned and run by husband and wife team, Darren and Dionne Loftus.


Pathfinder was started by Darren in March 2022. Originally from Gloucester, he moved to Bristol in June 2020 with his 2 rescue dogs, Morris the Staffie & Jenny the Westie.

Here’s why Darren started Pathfinder Dog Adventures;

"After working in property for most of my career and experiencing furlough and then redundancy during the pandemic, I decided that from now on I would make doing something I loved my
priority in life. Being generally happiest in the company of dogs, I decided to become a dog walker. After working for another dog walking business which I really enjoyed, I decided to go it
alone and Pathfinder Dog Adventures was born!

It's important to me that my business is as eco-friendly as possible. I've worked hard to make sure the environmental impact of the operation is as low as it can be. From my low-emission Euro 6 engine van, to making sure none of my equipment contains animal products and using plant based, biodegradable poo bags, I've tried to put ethics before cost wherever possible."

In November 2022 Dionne joined Pathfinder as business partner and dog walker. In September 2023 Dionne passed her final exams to become a fully qualified dog trainer. 

Also in September 2023, we started rolling out advertising for owner operated Pathfinder Dog Adventure franchises across the country!

The ethos of Pathfinder is driven totally by a love of dogs. It permeates the business from top to bottom. Focusing on their safety and happiness and by extension the happiness of their people, is and always will be at the heart of everything we do as a business. Every decision we make and have made, comes from there. We never cut corners and if it’ll make your dog happy and
safe, you can rely on us to do it.

We look forward to meeting you and your dogs and taking them on lots of Dog Adventures!!

When your dog joins Pathfinder Dog Adventures, you’ll be able to trust that;

Your dog’s safety and comfort is our number one priority, with our specially fitted out van,
with safety cages and climate control to keep your dogs cool in summer.

Your dog’s walk has been tailored to their size and temperament. We always try to tailor the group to ensure harmony and fun, trying to match your dog with their best friends.

We fit GPS collars to your dog before every walk. You’ll see a map of where they've been, the distance they travelled as well as having ultimate peace of mind that we know where they are at all times.

We do our best to be eco-friendly. From our Euro 6 low-emission van, to plant based biodegradable poo bags,  we try to limit our environmental impact as much as possible.

You will not only see pictures of your dog having a great time on their dog walk but also when he or she is safe and sound back at home. Any information from the walk you might need to know will be at your fingertips, on our integrated client portal.

We don’t just go to the nearest park and wander around in circles for 45 minutes. We go off the beaten track to give your dog a real adventure with lots of interest and stimulation.

Our walkers are Canine First Aid trained, fully insured and highly trained. We also  undertake continual training and professional development.

We can look after your pet in the comfort of their own home whilst you're away. We'll follow their daily routines, making sure they receive love and have lots of fun in the familiarity of their own home, whilst you're away.

We are not just another Bristol dog walking company. We are Pathfinder Dog Adventures.

Book your free meet and greet today!

We look forward to meeting you and your dogs and taking them on lots of Dog Adventures!!

Image by Anna Dudkova

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